About Us

A Few Words About Us

Why we do it?

The rules and dynamics of Web marketing are ever-changing—we love the fast-pace of this industry and the various platforms that allow us to be creative and hard-hitting in our campaigns. We leverage our passion for the industry by developing effective strategies that foster success. We work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations because we don’t believe in following the status quo. We believe in developing new strategies that work.

What makes us tick?

Our team is run by marketing individuals driven to create compelling, engaging, and successful online marketing campaigns. The industry changes rapidly, so we continually challenge ourselves to stay one step ahead in order to bring maximum value to our clients. The people we work for; the people who depend on us for powerful marketing campaigns–These are the people who make us tick. It’s why we continue to push boundaries and discover new ways of utilizing popular online tools.

How we function?

Our Interactive founders are a dynamic group of marketing entrepreneurs that believe in developing individual talents, expanding skills, and advancing knowledge in the marketing world. We believe that marketing should be developed using a holistic approach that will help our clients obtain a high return on investment. Our team is a group of forward-thinkers driven to make choices that help clients reach their goals. Thinking ahead is how we function. It’s how we ensure success.

Online Marketing Team

Our team is a group of handpicked individuals that bring unique talents to deliver Excellency. Through creativity, curiosity, passion, and hard work, our team is dedicated to give the very best when it comes to your specific project needs. With over 30 years combined marketing experience, our team will define, establish, and support a diverse strategy specific to solve the problems you’ve identified.

We’ve worked hard to create service models that are unique and authentic, just like us. At CBC IT, there is an unwavering dedication to a debating process with creativity and passion. The challenges enable us to demonstrate our can do attitude to each other and our Clients.

There is quirkiness about us. And it’s ok—we all have fully-developed personalities. CBC IT is an extremely diverse group in experience, backgrounds, and ways of working. We want the people with whom we work to feel free to express and be themselves. As part of this fast-paced, digital marketing agency, our entrepreneurial-spirit keeps us nimble, focused, and friendly.