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Custom websites are used for so many reasons today. It’s not just businesses that use custom websites to share with others anymore. There are social websites, informational websites even family websites. When you decide you have a need or desire to have a custom website so you can share with your audience, the next question is how do you get the custom website you want.

There are all kinds of free or nearly free tools provided to build custom websites through web hosting companies and like providers. While it’s a good thought, it’s kind of like deciding you want a car and building one yourself from a kit (without instructions for the most part), instead of buying one from an automobile manufacturer or customiser! Building custom websites is like building cars, it takes specialized skills and tools you won’t have unless it’s your livelihood. It’s always better to let the experts do what they do and you spend your time doing what you do. Most people end up getting a professional anyway once they realize it’s not as easy to design and build a QUALITY customized website as those free offers would have you believe.

So the only reasonable questions are when pursuing a customized website: How do I get a quality custom website as economically as possible? What can I expect to reasonably pay? With a custom website there are:

The initial costs for design and creation (can take hours to months to actually build)

  • Cost for support services (URL purchases, hosting, e-mail, etc.)
  • Cost for functionality features (Q&A’s, blogs, advertising banners, specialized calculators, etc.)
  • Monthly maintenance and content management (code, C.M.S and content updates)

There are dozens of features a custom website can have. Many of them require specialized programming and continuous code updating and have a monthly or annual fee (purchased or leased from specialized reputable vendors and coding specialists). An online learning system may run from an initial few hundred dollars to many thousands and may have annual updates and subscription renewal fees also ranging from not too bad? to WOW?, depending on its complexity.

At CBC IT, we go for that sweet spot where you the customer get the custom website that looks and does what you want it to, while providing us fair and realistic compensation for its design, creation and maintenance. To that end, our content managers are internet and Website Design Hertfordshire experts that use content management systems and tools that facilitate quality along with as little difficulty as possible, keeping fees as reasonable as possible. The result is that we provide a customized, attractive, quality websites (2 pages) for a marginal initial cost as little as £300.00 (in addition to required monthly and annual hosting and maintenance fees). Customers then choose the features they want to add to their website to customize it to their purposes.

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