Search Engine Marketing Company Hertfordshire

At CBC IT, we believe our unique combination of proprietary software and human expertise enables us to match a search strategy to the client objectives. We consult with our clients to understand both their offline and online marketing, to ensure we consistently deliver against the business objectives.

As a Search Engine Marketing Company Hertfordshire we have outlined four key disciplines within the search engine marketing arena.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Often called “paid search”, this form of search engine marketing is the basis of any effective search marketing campaign. However, as more advertisers are attracted to the channel, a great search campaign also uses a range of other techniques. As more advertisers drive up the prices of popular KeyWords, a strategic approach to search is now essential.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Commonly referred to as “natural” search or SEO, this discipline focuses on increasing a client’s ranking success on the search engines without bidding for expensive KeyWords. Rather, CBC IT’s search engine optimisation team considers both the client’s offer and what people are searching for, to come up with a successful campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social media campaigns can be very rewarding; however they are time consuming, labor intensive and should not be initiated without a firm grasp of the required outcome. At CBC IT, we believe in matching planning to a clear measurement methodology to ensure our clients are getting value out of social media campaigns.

Landing Page Optimisation and Multivariate Testing

Every advertiser wants to know that the money they spend in media is turning into brand awareness, leads and sales. This area of CBC IT’s expertise concentrates on testing how well a web site or landing page is performing against those objectives, and if necessary, how to improve the results.

Landing page optimisation and multivariant testing supports all channels of online marketing, as well as offline marketing.

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