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Local SEO allows business owners to get a position on various search engines so that potential customers can find them. It is an important strategy adopted by most of the companies to boost business visibility and revenues. Unlike organic SEO, it focuses on online customers in a specific geographical area and offers relevant information to a Local searcher (target customer). At CBC-IT, we know exactly what it takes to benefit from Local SEO strategies in the era of immense online competition.

Experts at CBC-IT realize the fact that the usage of smartphones has taken Local SEO a step forward. Search from a Desktop and Smartphone for a particular restaurant will show Local results. Our targeted SEO strategies are indeed effective and ensure success with planned SEO activities.

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a geographically targeted approach to online marketing wherein businesses promote their services and products to Local customers. Over the past few years particularly, Local SEO in Hertfordshire has gained momentum with the rising use of smartphones and better internet connectivity. If you search for ‘Restaurants near me’ and get restaurants in you vicinity, the result in the search engine is due to Local SEO. Our Local SEO professionals discuss and understand your requirements well before running the SEO campaign for you. We ensure keeping your expected outputs in mind while designing the Local SEO strategy.

Why Do You Need Local SEO?

Local SEO offers a targeted approach to online marketing. Being enlisted with all the search engines and online marketing platforms ensures that neighboring customers find you on the search engine page results. We recommend this optimisation technique as a powerful marketing program for start-ups and new businesses to target buyers.

Being present on Yelp, Craigslist and Angie’s List along with local classifieds can offer huge leverage to any business because potential clients are sure to check out these directories before dialing sellers. Local SEO also promises great online exposure and traffic for the official website.

Benefits of Local SEO

Choosing to optimize your business locally is a positive step forward in the promotion of your business. Customers always search for neighboring sellers that can be reached easily. Local SEO helps you to cash in on them and make your presence and service felt.

  • Reach The Right Customers On Time: Marketing requires reaching the customer when his need is the most. Local SEO helps in linking the service provider with the client in need. It is the best kind of promotion available to businesses.
  • Best Conversion Level: Among local advertising, local optimisation offers the maximum conversion level. In most cases, local search options dominate the first pages of the search engines. In some directories, the conversion rate reaches up to 50%. Therefore, it is important to get the business listed with renowned and popular directories.
  • Maximum Return on Investment: With local optimisation, there is lesser scope of monetary wastage. Potential clients look for services and sellers only during requirement.
  • More Mobile Internet: The growing number of Smartphone users is a boon for Local SEO. A research from ofcom stated that 33% of population in UK use their smartphones to access the internet. Optimisation covers both mobile internet users and desktop or laptop users. So, businesses rarely miss out a possible client.
  • Reach Out to The Right Age Group: Mobile internet is more in the hands of the younger crowds who are less into reading newspapers or other forms of traditional media. This is also an opportunity for businesses to reach to a larger readership. The business and product reviews also are more readily available online rather than offline which helps in taking quick purchase decisions.

The future for Local SEO is getting stronger and significant. It is an area of digital marketing that can be accessed by all businesses from plumbers to accountants with improving results.


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