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CBC IT is a professional reputation management service provider. We enhance and transform your brand presence and monitor your business reputation online through engaging content, online PR, and profile management.

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What is Reputation Management?

Your brand’s reputation is the most valuable assets for business. In any case, if your reputation is damaged, chances are that you would lose everything.

Online reputation management and branding have become more important than ever before due to various factors. As per research, over 80% customer looks for genuine reviews on various search engines before availing any service or buying a product. In the UK alone, 75% customer changes their mind about products after reading three negative feedbacks. That is how important your reputation is.

Our Online Reputation Management Company Hertfordshire provides professional and efficient online reputation management services covering the following:

  • Online activity monitoring for your brand/business name
  • Key competitor analysis and monitoring
  • PR strategy planning and implementation
  • Online asset creation and management, including all social networks and social media channels
  • Improved social media customer service with in-house training
  • Ongoing consultation for improved communication and risk assessment
  • Online forum management and review
Why do you need Reputation Management?

There are many reasons to consider reputation management. It is not just about managing your brand reputation but also about retaining your users and attracting more users through positive feedback, review, and reputation.

Here is how CBC IT online reputation management helps:
  • Increase Sales Volume: People usually research products, services, and brands before buying. Do you have an idea as to what kind of products your customers are looking for? If you do not know, it is not good news for business. It is very important for brands to be aware of their market position and the position of their products. If there is a sudden drop in sales volume, why so? We provide valuable insights to increase your sales and promote your business.
  • To Build Credibility and Trust: With all the social networks and Google, users can now leave a feedback for every product and service. If your brand shows up in negative news, it is likely that the news would spread further and become a challenging issue for your business. We help companies to build trust amongst users and improve the market reputation.
  • Better Insight: Do not wait for a crisis; opt for reputation management to gain a better insight of your business. Monitor your brand reputation, feedback, and growth with our experts.
Benefits of Reputation Management
  • Convey your Best Side: Reputation management guarantees that your intended message about your business, brand, product, or service, would be conveyed. We emphasize on sharing your best story with the world.
  • Remove Negative Listings: We remove all irrelevant content, listings, and rankings to free up more room for positive ratings for your business.
  • Digital Promotion Word-of-Mouth: The internet has a viral nature. Anything that goes online spreads like wildfire. Digital promotion, feedback, review, and comments can take your business to places. We monitor listings and present a positive and trusted side of your business to the world.
  • Improved Google Ranking: Google is the mother of reputation management. In order to thrive in this online business, it is very important to have positive Google ranking. We guarantee positive and improved ranking through campaigns and customized strategies.

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