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Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is trending all over the place. SMO is the process that involves a series of steps to increase awareness of products and services, events and brands, by using various social media channels, communities and forums. The word is “viral.”

Using SMO tactics, CBC IT professionals aim to put your business in the most favourable position and tap into beneficial interactions naturally occurring in social media forums such as brand related discussions, conversations etc.

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Importance of Social Media Presence

Social media is the golden globe of business. It provides ample opportunities to connect with a vast network of prospective customers, existing user base, and new dimensions. It is also a platform wherein you can engage the audience with your products and product related discussions to make sure your business goes viral. In fact, the social media plays a major role in helping your business rank higher across search engines.

If that is not enough for you to consider SMO for your brand or business. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat provide tremendous opportunities to promote and market your products and services online. At CBC IT, we provide tailored social media optimisation strategies and services to help businesses gain attention as well as active leads, which convert into business opportunities. Therefore, companies and business organisations definitely require social media optimisation that deals with the dynamics of various platforms and creates awareness with respect to the services and products in the offer.

Our SMO Services
  • Virtual Marketing to get better audience response on various social media networks
  • Facebook Page Management to retain your audience and attract more Facebook users for a better network
  • Improve Website Conversions through keyword and video optimisation
  • Twitter Handle Management to grasp user attention
  • Social Bookmarking for better response
  • Social Media Audit to evaluate your brand position and increase brand awareness
  • Encourage community participation for better engagement with communities on an international level
Benefits of Social Media Optimisation

One of the major benefits of Social Media Optimisation is an active presence on all social networks. Social networks have a wider reach and community with a potentially active customer base. However, there are certain quantitative benefits of SMO as well, which reflects in the following manner:

  • Brand Recognition: Definitely, Social Media Optimisation has the potential of taking your brand to a different level and increasing awareness amongst users. It also allows users to respond to your brand, content, and videos. We ensure that your brand reaches maximum potential users worldwide.
  • Better Brand Loyalty: The more brand visibility, the more awareness in people. The more awareness, the more brand loyalty. A simple equation becomes a reality when you deploy efficient SMO techniques. With the help of social networks, you can connect to your users, communicate, and offer help on spot. That makes SMO an interactive and useful tool for the brand as well as users.
  • Increased Opportunities: Word of mouth brand publicity and reviews across social media increases sales opportunities.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs: Compared to other methods of promotion and marketing, SMO reduced cost.

For better search engine rankings and a wider network of business, SMO is the ultimate solution. Call us for a customized SMO plan.


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